Veritix asked us to help them update their visual identity to match their newly formalized brand values. Working directly with their internal marketing team we crafted an inspiring and bold design that looks distinctly forward while linking to their already successful past.

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Veritix aims to deliver value to their audience through five key principles: engaging, empowering, innovating, inspiring and being an ally to their clients and customers. These principles embody the entire company and needed to be reflected in each design decision. From the logo and typography to other graphic elements, we performed countless iterations in order to define a cleaner, updated look that supports the brand throughout.


Before our branding exploration, there were no set rules around photography or graphic elements. In order to keep a consistent look and feel throughout all Veritix communications, it was important to develop a set of rules and usage guidelines around imagery. At the same time, we developed a series of rules and guidelines for graphic elements. We explored a variety of patterns and textures in order to create a recognizable and relatable graphic style. Through our iterations, we developed nine distinct patterns that represent the Veritix brand–a set of primary, secondary and vivid patterns. These multi-faceted and structured patterns proved to be an extension of the brand mark that is engaging and inspiring.



The existing logo reflected the company’s core principles, therefore we knew a complete overhaul wasn’t necessary. After countless iterations and logo studies, we developed a distinguishing mark that is simple, clean and reflects a commitment to purposeful innovation. The crossing spotlights depict the intersection of empowerment and engagement–two of the company’s core values. Giving the mark whitespace and updating the type refreshed the mark and created a strong visual presence in the ticketing industry–without losing recognition of the brand.





The iconography style was inspired by the geometric characteristics of the logo, resulting in a consistent brand from inside out.

The Veritix brand lives not only in the company’s communications and products, but in the internal culture as well. The core brand values paired with the company’s personality traits were used as inspiration in order to visually represent the brand in its own environment. By incorporating imagery of innovation, ideas and the occasional flying soccer ball, we were able to create a pattern that appropriately expressed the Veritix culture.


To introduce this new branding to their market, Veritix asked us to develop a launch campaign. Settling in on “Together We Make ______ Possible!” as the theme, we designed a series of ad’s, digital assets, and tradeshow materials, all designed to focus the conversation from the typical features and checklists to a strong ally capable of truly partnering with their client to bring innovation to their organization.