90 days from kickoff to workable prototypes and field testing is a tall order for any project. Even more of a challenge is when the system needs to be robust enough to get 100’s of thousands of people their tickets, scan them quickly, then get them securely into their event. Adding onto these challenges, this system had to run using off-the-shelf apple hardware and be so easy to use that a volunteer could run a full box-office or entry gate with maybe 5min of training.


We knew in order to pull this off we would have to work side by side with the development team and have access directly to the end users. Taking a rapid iteration approach we set out to understand these users and the needs of the fans they would be serving. Speed, experimentation, and rapid prototypes, allowed us to move from idea to validated designs for the development team to execute at a pace necessary for the tight window we had before the fall football season kicked off.


Embedding ourselves with the development team, we quickly sketched out wireframes and built quick prototypes experimenting with real users along the way. Simple and clean designs emerged that were optimized for fast intuitive flows of information allowing even new users to quickly pick up the system.


An easy-to-use and incredibly flexible product took form, consisting of three parts:
1 – Admin Control Dashboard
2 – A Mobile Box Office allowing both credit card and cash sales of live inventory
3 – A mobile Entry app for validating tickets, controlling gate security

Each component was tailored to provide the users (Typically game day volunteers) simple guided steps and soft feedback. This allowed brand new users at one of our field tests to go from never having seen the system to selling tickets in 5min. They sold and scanned over 10,000 people at the gate for one of the biggest High School games of the year in Central Texas (even High School football is bigger in Texas).