Micro Fantasy is a fast paced, continuously engaging fantasy prediction game for a variety of sports, based on the phenomenon of the fantasy sports model. We teamed up to help with their branding and UI/UX needs.

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Realizing that the Micro Fantasy brand would constantly be evolving and adding new sports to their game platform, we set out to create a brand strategy allowing the “Core” brand to stand on it’s own while tying into an ever growing set of sub-brands focused on each of the individual games.


Game Brands

Each game/sport under the Micro Fantasy “Core” brand received a unique logo based on a consistent and repeatable system of design guides. These “Game” brands extend to the UI of the games themselves along with the marketing and app store assets.

Micro Fantasy Baseball


Micro Fantasy Football


Micro Fantasy Basketball


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Joel Crites – CEO, MicroFantasy

UI/UX Design

Along with the branding we took on the task of helping Micro Fantasy’s development team build games that by their nature have to keep up with the live action of professional sports. Playing off the modern yet retro brand established by our team, we built flows and interfaces optimized to keep their players in the moment.