We partnered with BoostUp (A Detroit Venture Partner backed company) in order to redesign their landing page, on-boarding process and user dashboard. BoostUp, which helps consumers save money for life’s biggest purchases, wanted their site to be friendly and playful, yet maintain a level of sophistication.

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Our user experience work included wireframes, high fidelity prototypes, and mockups which were built from the ground up to help make saving simple and easy. Matched with the final UI, the updated platform creates a smooth experience for both new and existing users.


From the beginning, we knew updating the existing brand to better appeal to their core users was going to be necessary. Working thru a variety of options we helped them establish new color schemes, define the logo usage, and refine their brand voice to better communicate their unique approach to saving.




BoostUp’s online platform looks simple on the surface but it actually required a careful and strategic approach to on-boarding their new clients. Special attention was made to provide the user with a steadfast assurance at every step. Wireframes, flows, and rough prototypes were built and tested to ensure the users trust was being established.



Every detail of the final UI from the imagery to the button labels was crafted to establish BoostUp as a new voice in the marketplace, here to help their users save toward some of the biggest purchases they will make.