Here at Leapwise, we use a ton of different tools; tools for designing, prototyping, time tracking, project managing, communication… You name it! We’re constantly on the lookout for better ways to get things done. Check out some of our favorite tools we couldn’t live without:

1. Adobe Creative Cloud


I think it’s safe to say we use Adobe Creative Cloud to it’s fullest extent. Everything from Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro… We use it all! What makes Adobe great is the way if integrates all it’s application, making it easy to update files within other Adobe programs.

2. Slack


Slack is an awesome communication tool for teams of any sort.  It’s great for bouncing off ideas, sending a quick message, sharing gifs… It also allows you to create various channels, like #designinspiration or #junkdrawer, to keep communication organized.

3. Basecamp


We use Basecamp at Leapwise for managing projects and tasks. When something needs to get done, simply enter it in, assign it to a team member(s), and add a due date. There are lots of task managing tools out there, but we just keep coming back to Basecamp. It’s clean, easy to use, and keeps things moving.

4. Google Apps


Google has some great stuff out there, most notably Google Drive, Docs and Calendar. What’s great about these apps is the way they allow for collaboration, constantly updating when changes are made amongst the team.

5. Dropbox


While Google Drive is great for project collaboration, Dropbox wins the battle when it comes to sending and sharing large files with clients. All they need is a link, and they can download files with the click of a button.

6. Buffer


When it comes to social media, Buffer offers a simple solution to managing when tweets/posts are sent out. We generally setup the content we want sent out at the beginning of the week, making everyone’s lives a little easier.

7. InVision


InVision is a prototyping tool that allows UX/UI designers to create interactive mockups. They’re able to see their work in action before a single line of code it written! It’s great for live collaboration and sharing, making it easy to get feedback from co-workers and clients.

8. Spotify


Spotify playlists throughout the day are a must! Designers especially rely on music to stay energized and inspired. Spotify makes it easy to save music and share it amongst co-workers.

9. Pocket


Pocket is most useful as a browser extension, allowing us to “save to pocket” when running across an article or blog post worth saving/sharing. It’s great for keeping track of inspiration, and is especially useful for saving/sending out Twitter articles.

10. Toggl


We use Toggl at Leapwise for time tracking projects, making it easy to see who’s working on what. It also gives weekly/monthly stats showing how much time has gone into any listed project.