Employee Spotlight: Jamie McMaster

By June 4, 2014Design, Tips

JamieMeet Jamie McMaster. He’s a super nice guy and an extremely talented artist. Check out some of his work in our portfolio! Jamie works as graphic designer at Leapwise Media.

1.) What’s on your desk and/or in your bag?

There could be any given thing on my desk at any time, but the staples… Stack of projects to the left, Macbook Pro with Thunderbolt display, empty candy wrappers, notebook (paper), watch, door pass, WATER. In my bag… Checkbook, bills, red box movie… It’s pretty much my mobile junk drawer.

2.) How do you work?

I try to always have an updated to-do list prioritized for that day. I listen to music about 65% of the day, it helps me focus since we are in an open workspace. My notebook is always available.

3.) What tools do you use most throughout the day?

I spend most of my time in InDesign and Illustrator. I prefer Illustrator over anything else. There is something about the clean lines and perfection in vector art. But I bounce around for the most part.

4.) What’s something you’re really good at?

I like to think I’m good at putting my head down, focusing, and working through a large project until it’s finished. I’m also pretty good at hoops!

5.) What did you want to be as a kid?

I always wanted to be an artist. I’ve worked in just about every medium, from oil paint to blowing glass, and now graphic design. It might not always be luxurious, but in my eyes it’s a dream job. I can’t imagine being very fulfilled doing anything else.

6.) What are your favorite ways to find inspiration?

I get inspiration all the time from everywhere. I think it might be a minor curse for a designer that I find myself being critical of everything and trying to figure out how it could have been done better; or my way 😉

7.) What’s a little known fact about yourself?

Little known… hmm… I am a twin, been playing drums for 25 years, avid mountain biker. There’s three!

8.) What’s your best productivity tip?

During my years of experience, I have found that organization and communication are huge. Like I said, I always have a list and it is prioritized. In the past, I let too many things slip through the cracks, so I’ve learned my lesson. Be sure to find out the meat of a project before you get too far and have to start over.