Employee Spotlight: Hannah Andrews

By June 5, 2014Tips

hannahMeet Hannah Andrews. As mother of three children, Hannah is constantly on the go, but somehow manages to do it all! She has years of administrative and finance experience and also contributes to the creative side of things. Hannah heads up the office and accounting support at Leapwise.

1.) What’s on your desk and/or in your bag?

On my desk: my laptop, my extra screen, phones,  lots of papers, kid drawings, photos… And a broken blender.

In my bag: my laptop, checkbooks, my to do list/ notebook,  baby wipes/ diapers, random children’s clothes, chapstick, lots of writing tools.

2.) How do you work?

Ideally during the day for my sanity, but typically it ends up being late at night with lots of snacks. I make tons of lists to organize my thoughts and try to listen to music if I can. I typically have both screens going and a ton of tabs open online as well, monitoring different sites and inboxes, flipping from one thing to another.

3.) What tools do you use most throughout the day?

Quickbooks, online forums, gmail inboxes. My trusty lists and nice pens.  Nothing super fancy.  

4.) What’s something you’re really good at?

Making lists, cleaning up messes- literally and professionally. I like to bring order to things, having things out of place drives me crazy.

5.) What did you want to be as a kid?

A ballet dancer or an art museum director. I did dance for 12+ years, and went to college for ballet, ending up with a fine arts (painting and drawing degree) so I guess I kind of got halfway there….

6.) What are your favorite ways to find inspiration?

Instagram: I’ve actually developed a really fun, little creative and professional community I follow. It’s been amazingly helpful and inspiring; no snark, just creative encouraging people.

7.) What’s a little known fact about yourself?

If I’m at a restaurant and they have ribs or key lime pie, I will almost always order one or both. It’s like a restaurant litmus test for me.

8.) What’s your best productivity tip?

Make a list. Break down what needs to be done and prioritize. Then attack.