Employee Spotlight: Devin Halladay

By August 13, 2014Design, Tips

devinMeet Devin Halladay. Devin is a graphic designer, writer, and design intern at Leapwise. He has an incredible amount of passion for someone so young (he’s still in high school!) and strives to craft honest visual solutions.

1.) What’s on your desk and/or in your bag?

In my bag, I only keep the essentials: my MacBook, an external hard drive, a bottle of water, a few notebooks, and a book or three.

On my desk, I usually keep the same things plus a ruler and my trusty copy of The Elements of Typographic Style.

2.) How do you work?

I’m almost always listening to music so I can focus. My workspace needs to be clean and fairly organized—that allows me to focus on the work at hand rather than on all the crap around me. When I have a lot of tasks to get done, I’ll throw them up on some Post-It notes and order them by priority.

3.) What tools do you use most throughout the day?s

The tools I use throughout the day vary by the types of projects I’m working on, but tools I use everyday are:


  • Rdio for music.
  • Sublime Text 3 for code (although I may switch to Coda soon because Sublime seems like abandonware sat this point).
  • iTerm and ZSH for my command-line.
  • All the latest Adobe CC 2014 apps.
  • Slack for communicating with the team.
  • Trello


  • Notebooks, notebooks, notebooks. I’ve been using the Baron Fig Confidant lately and I love it. Highly recommended.
  • A ruler, although it’s slightly warped so my lines never turn out straight.
  • All Apple everything.

4.) What’s something you’re really good at?

I like to think that I’m really good at design, but there’s so much more I have to learn. If I had to choose something I’m really good at, it’d probably be writing. I’ve been writing short stories, novels, and poetry since 7th grade. If I were ever to change careers, I would probably go into journalism.

5.) What did you want to be as a kid?

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a theoretical physicist, but I never focused enough in math classes as a kid to excel in that area. Since my freshman year in high school, (I act like that was a long time ago, but I guess it was only three years ago) I’ve wanted to be a graphic designer. I guess I can check that one off the bucket list!

6.) What are your favorite ways to find inspiration?

Throughout the day, I often look around Dribbble and Designspiration for visual inspiration. But when visual inspiration isn’t enough, (it often isn’t) I look everywhere for inspiration. I find a lot of inspiration in music—you’ll often find me listening to Dvořák’s Symphony from the New World. I also find inspiration in writing and reading.

7.) What’s a little known fact about yourself?

I have no idea how to answer this one. Um. I guess most people don’t know that I’m a writer and that I snowboard.

8.) What’s your best productivity tip?

I have two tips:

  1. Just get stuff done. The creative process is a mess—basically we just mash stuff together until it looks good and it works, but often times we try to glorify this process. Don’t glorify it. Just do what you do and do it extremely well.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. To get really good at what you do you need to practice constantly. I’ve put this tip to good use, spending most of my time learning and designing stuff for fun, and that’s what got me where I am today at such a young age.