Design Trends: Lettering

By September 14, 2013Design, Trends

One of the recent trends that’s been popping up on printed materials, clothing, store displays, cards, and other imagery lately is the resurgence of gorgeous lettering.  Like everything else, trends and fashions come full circle—what was popular or common years ago pops up again. “Back in the day” the local auto body shop had their name painted on the side of their truck, or a store had their name in gold gilded lettering painstakingly painted on their window. With advances in technology, we can quickly and sometimes thoughtlessly enter text on a computer, type an email, print a card, or throw up a website.   What we find interesting with the lettering “trend” is the resurgence of the appreciation for craft and the process of creating. Whether the final product is produced by hours at a computer with pixels, code, or modern printing technology, or hours with pen and ink, chalk or paint, the love of the process, the thought, personal touch, and artistry behind the final product is what really stands out and inspires us.

Here’s a great article discussing lettering and typography, to help explain terminology and applications.

A great portfolio site or two, and some great work in process projects as well.

Here’s a nice looking read on the subject for inspiration as well.

Image sourced from Elegantissima: The Design and Typography of Louise Fili

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