One of the key deliverables that is often overlooked when developing and launching a new brand is the brand style guide. We’ve fine tuned this guide over the years to give our clients a complete understanding of their new brand, and how to use it.

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Brand Guide Details

These guides vary is size and complexity depending on the scope of the brand and project but they typically contain sections outlining things like:

Primary Logo and Brand Colors



Logo Usage

File types

Check out an example

If you’re interested we’ve released a basic guide template for anyone to customize and use here.

The second half of this equation is the actual graphics files themselves. We’ve too often been on the receiving end of being supplied with a low-res jpeg of a logo and finding out that was all the previous agency or designer supplied. While small jpegs are great for social media and websites they are unusable for other purposes. Try getting tee shirts made, designing an ad campaign or outdoor signage from a jepg… you can’t.

We’ve developed a standard package of logo files covering web use, office use, and professional use. These come in a variety of sizes, configurations, black and white, and color. Our clients always have a comprehensive library of brand assets to draw from.

Below is a sample of what you would expect when receiving a logo pack from Leapwise. This folder includes all the file types needed to get your brand started, from Digital to Print. The brand style guide explains the purpose of each file type and how it should be used.


In the end, a large part of the success of a brand launch is to have all the resources and support you and your team need.