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10 Tips for Using Slack

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Is your team on Slack? Check out these tips/secrets you may not know about to making your slacking more effective, efficient, and fun! 1. Bold/Italic Text If you want some emphasis on your text, put ASTERISKS around it to make it bold (_hello_), and use UNDERSCORES for italics…

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YouTube vs. Vimeo

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When it comes to online video hosting, there are really only two sites that stand out above the rest: YouTube and Vimeo. But which one is better? They both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so deciding which is best for you depends on what your needs are:…

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Our Favorite Tools at Leapwise

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Here at Leapwise, we use a ton of different tools; tools for designing, prototyping, time tracking, project managing, communication… You name it! We’re constantly on the lookout for better ways to get things done. Check out some of our favorite tools we couldn’t live without: 1. Adobe Creative Cloud I think it’s safe to…

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Meet the New Crew

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We’d like to officially welcome our new employees at Leapwise Media: meet Gina, Lingyu, and Zack! All three work as UX/UI designers and add something new and different to the team. With lots of UX/UI projects rolling in (web, mobile, etc), everyone has adapted quickly and is working hard wire-framing,…

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8 Tips For A Better Video Interview

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Getting people to talk on camera can be difficult. The intention of a video interview is to have someone to tell a story. Getting them to tell that story in a coherent fashion takes time and skill. Visual aesthetics also come under consideration and should complement, not distract,…

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