If you’re like me, you often find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of apps that are out there. Sometimes, all it takes is a short, simple video to spark your interest and let you know what an app is really about. Take a look at the app launch videos below for some great examples of showcasing apps through visual storytelling.

1.) Minibox

Anyone who has tried sending large files knows what a pain it can be. This video is slickly edited with a great pace, showing Minibox is a fast and easy way to do this!

2.) Cover

This “day-in-the-life” style video shows viewers that this is an app they can, and will, use everyday.

3.) Android Wear

This is similar to Apple’s product launches, featuring interviews with the developers, helping viewers fully understand the features.

4.) Thermodo

Thermodo’s video succeeds by telling their story in a fun, creative way.

5.) Paper

A great video showcasing Facebook’s app, Paper, that feels incredibly raw and authentic. Just real people connecting through each other’s stories.

6.) Instagram Direct

Like the previous video, this also has a very authentic feel, and not to mention a very Instagram-ish look to it.

7.) Coin

By directly communicating to the audience, this succeeds in explaining the product without being cheesy (which is a hard thing to do in videos like this).

8.) Jotly

And of course, a little humor never hurt anyone.