The 72 Hour Agency Makeover

By September 15, 2013Design, News

We challenged ourselves to rebrand and relaunch Leapwise in just 72 hours. The whole thing; branding, website, social media, the works. Brand new, no shortcuts, no excuses. Here’s a peek behind the scenes…

Things have changed so much over the last year, we knew it was time to reboot things. So we started talking about high level concepts but we needed some outside perspective to do it right. We surveyed, listened, soul searched, and came up with 2 core goals based on client / prospect feedback.

Show the Work / Share the Culture

What we learned was the creative process is scary for our clients. We do this every day and are used to the pace and pressure. We’re good at it, but we needed to share more to ease our clients’ fears. There’s nothing harder for an agency than working on your own brand and we knew if we wanted to do this we had to pull the trigger and carve out the time with a hard deadline.

Introducing the “72 hour Agency Makeover Challenge”!


2pm – The team got together we outlined the goals, the timeline, and spent the afternoon brainstorming creative directions.
10pm – We locked in on the logo concepts and started outlining content / structure for the new site.


9am – New logo and branding are starting to take shape. We settled in on what we felt was a really strong concept and started developing the brand around it.
1pm – Dev site is spun up and website structure is being built out, site content is being roughed in.


3pm – Misc Setup Prep

  • New toll free phone line (888-581-9630) is installed
  • Configure new email address
  • Setup and revise social media accounts (Instagram and Twitter)

6pm – Final Logo/Brand is done and ready to use, everyone dashes home to rest for the big push Friday.



I think the team knew this was serious when I arrived with a bag of snacks, redbull and a sleeping bag under my arm. We were on a roll, and it was ship it time!

9:15am – Website up on dev server and ready for content.

Noon – Lunch break with our @bizdomcleveland  friends-  mmmm pasta bar!

3:30pm – New branding is implemented, dozens of project images and descriptions being created.

6pm – More content creation and squashing of various CSS bugs.


9:30pm – Final website images selected and edited.

12am – CSS styling tweaked, mobile testing…

3am – SEO / Analytics configuration, final GO LIVE todo list is circulated.


4am – 90% done,  drive home to ZZZZZZZZ!

Saturday Morning

10am – Finalize Blog Posts, Test, Debug, Site is READY To Go! (note the homemade egg mcmuffin and goldfish = brainfood!) 


Sunday  – Go Live!


We were exhausted and blurry eyed, but proud of what we had pulled off. More importantly the team pulled together and did amazing work… under crazy (all be it self imposed) circumstances.

Let us know what you think, we’d love the feedback.

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