5 Ways To Use Video for Your Business

By October 16, 2013Resources, Tips, Video

For many business owners, using video can be an effective marketing tool. It generally takes just a  few seconds for people to decide whether they will stay on your website or not. Having an online video can engage people in ways that text and photos alone cannot.

Today, YouTube is the 3rd most used website in the world, with over 1 billion visitors each month. 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Basically, if you’re not taking advantage of video via YouTube, you should be.

Here are a few ideas and examples to get you started:

1.) Build Your Brand

Don’t just sell your brand; build it. Build a trust between you and your customers and make a video that’s compelling; something people will want to share.

2.) Demo

Show your product in action. Give customers of visual demonstration on how to use your product or service. Show everyone why it’s awesome and superior to your competition.

3.) Customer Testimonials

Ask clients about their positive experience with you. Testimonials can add credibility to your product and can be more relatable for viewers.

4.) Event Recap

Show everyone that you’re active. Make a recap video of a company event and show customers your involvement in the community.

5.) Behind the Scenes

This gives you a chance to introduce your staff, show your workspace, and familiarize your viewers with the culture of your company. It also makes a more personal connection between your company and the customer.

Online video is unique it’ not just an advertisement, it’s an opportunity for engagement. The goal with online video is to make original content people will enjoy and share with their friends and family. It also gives you a chance to take viewers deeper into your company and show them what you’re really all about.

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