A recent web trend has been using fullscreen video on web landing pages. Whether this is a temporary trend or something that will last is beyond me, but it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon (checkout our Leapwise homepage!). When used creatively and with purpose, it can be very engaging for visitors. Here are 5 sites, in no particular order, that we think use this trend incredibly well:

1. Marmoset


Marmoset is a site we use a lot to license music for videos. The video background is lively and authentic, setting the right tone for the site.


2. FiftyThree


Entering the site FiftyThree, you immediately see the product in action. What better way to grab a visitor’s attention?


3. Optimo


Optimo’s fullscreen video features a single shot that immerses users, making them feel like they’re hat shopping in downtown Chicago.


4. Spotify


Spotify’s tagline is, “Music for every moment” and this is beautifully represented with their fullscreen video. They connect with us through a montage of moments that look genuine and feel authentic.


5. Black Negative

Black Negative

Black Negative changes things up a bit by making it interactive. As you scroll through, it comes alive with the combination of full screen images and video.