Is your team on Slack? Check out these tips/secrets you may not know about to making your slacking more effective, efficient, and fun!

1. Bold/Italic Text

If you want some emphasis on your text, put ASTERISKS around it to make it bold (_hello_), and use UNDERSCORES for italics (*hello*).

2. Creating Lists

To create lists, simply press SHIFT + ENTER. This will create a new line, as opposed to sending a single line message.

3. Blockquotes

Add ANGLE BRACKETS to the beginning of your message to make an indent or blockquote:

4. Code Blocks

To display a section of text as fixed-width code, put BACKTICKS on either side (`single backticks` display fixed-width text along with your other message text; “`triple backticks“` create a block of pre-formatted, fixed-width text).

5. Sharing Snippets

Click the + symbol next to the chat box and select CREATE A SNIPPET. Snippets are an easy/better to share long pieces of code.

6. Trigger Words

Trigger words are phrases you set up in Slack to have an automated response. Let’s say someone on the team forgets the wifi password. They type, “What is the wifi password?” Use the phrase WIFI PASSWORD to trigger the appropriate response: “The password is applesauce.”

7. Quickly Switching Channels

Clicking CMD + T (or CTRL + K for Windows) brings up a search window, allowing you to quickly switch from one channel to the next.

8. Hiding Channels

Hit the downward arrow next to your username, then preferences and advanced options to change the channel visibility.

9. Giphy Integration

Type /giphy followed by any word, and get the appropriate GIF response in the channel.

10. Hiding Gifs

Getting a gif overload on your feed? Hide them temporarily by typing /collapse.