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We Understand.

Taking that leap is thrilling but the creative process can sometimes be scary. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs before pencil meets paper, (or code meets pixels). No BS, no drama, just real people who live to create real solutions and ship them.

Think of us as your creative security blanket.

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Creative Services

Every organization deserves the best possible creative solutions. From simple to complex projects, we specialize in seeing the big picture and solving your business problems through amazing design and execution.


The perfect logo mark, catchy tagline, and killer stationery is worthless without the tools to use it. Thats why we provide a Style Guide showing how to use your new brand. Every file & format you’ll ever need, even Social Media branding so the world can see how awesome you are!


Good design understands that actual people will use it. It breaks down barriers, focuses the message, provides context, and even inspires. That’s our goal with every Ad, Annual Report, Catalog, Presentation, Poster, Brochure, Mailer, Package, Tee Shirt, Interior, Product, and Spec Sheet we create… To design with purpose.


Storytelling is an art form as old as time and finding the unique story hidden in your project is just the kind of challenge that gets us up in the morning. Our resources and skill sets allow us to produce projects of all sizes and budgets. No matter what the production’s scale we obsess over the little things that separate “just another video” from an engaging and powerful communications tool.


We create amazing user experiences across web, mobile, and social platforms. Developing these online strategies can be intimidating. It requires a unique blend of design and development talent. Just keeping up with the pace of innovation is a full time job. Lucky for you it’s ours.

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Need to talk? Have a question about your project? Hate waiting days for a response? Us too. Our team (like our websites) are freakishly responsive. Email, Call, Chat, Carrier Pigeon it doesn’t matter; ask a question get an answer it’s that simple.

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Meet the New Crew

| News | No Comments

We’d like to officially welcome our new employees at Leapwise Media: meet Gina, Lingyu, and Zack! All three work as UX/UI designers and add something new and different to the team. With lots of UX/UI projects rolling in (web, mobile, etc), everyone has adapted quickly and is working hard wire-framing,…


5 Awesome Fullscreen Video Sites

| Design, Trends, Video | No Comments

A recent web trend has been using fullscreen video on web landing pages. Whether this is a temporary trend or something that will last is beyond me, but it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon (checkout our Leapwise homepage!). When used creatively and with purpose, it can be…


Employee Spotlight: Devin Halladay

| Design, Tips | No Comments

Meet Devin Halladay. Devin is a graphic designer, writer, and design intern at Leapwise. He has an incredible amount of passion for someone so young (he’s still in high school!) and strives to craft honest visual solutions. 1.) What’s on your desk and/or in your bag? In my…


Employee Spotlight: Hannah Andrews

| Tips | No Comments

Meet Hannah Andrews. As mother of three children, Hannah is constantly on the go, but somehow manages to do it all! She has years of administrative and finance experience and also contributes to the creative side of things. Hannah heads up the office and accounting support at Leapwise. 1.)…


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